[Bodyease Electro Sensation]

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The mattress combines luxury Latex Foam with contour-matching Reflex Foam to provide a sumptuous sleeping surface. The Latex Foam used is naturally hypoallergenic and the Reflex Foam works to match your body shape, meaning you're kept allergy-free and supported throughout the night and thus rejuvenated in the morning.Mattress Features:Layer of 50mm Memory FoamBase layer of Reflex FoamMicro-quilted coverNon-turn mattressMaxi Cool Soft Touch FabricHypo-allergenicThe Bodyease Electro Sensation combines functionality with comfort. The 5 part adjustable frame allows you to find a resting position that matches your needs, and the 6 button handset makes it easy to control, too. The bed has a 42 triple slat system which provides high levels of support, and the chrome glides and motion technology motor system work together to allow you to adjust the bed to personal requirements swiftly and quietly. There are also a number of different storage and massage options for you to choose from. The massage unit allows for rolling, soothing waves to massage either your whole body or one of five specific areas of your choosing, in turn helping to reduce aches and pains.There are two choices regarding massage options. The first is an in-mattress unit, which is integrated into the mattress. The second is a bolt-on option that can be attached to the slats of the frame, and allows for you use the massage unit as and when it pleases you. There is the option to have a dual mattress massage unit if necessary, too.Bed Frame Features:5 part adjustable frameChrome glides42 Triple slat systemMotion technology 2 motor System6 Button Deluxe HandsetCushioned baseAll sides solid board constructionPlease note: King and Super king sizes come non-synced as standard. Please call the below number if you would like these synced.Extra options available:Podmatic Adjustable actionMedimatic Scissor action Flat pack with headboard Wooden legsLinkage bar kit for dual adjustable bedSynchronisation kit Please call one of our sales advisors on 0844 482 7510 for a quote.National Bed Federation (NBF) approved.